Karambit Doppler, Glock Fade & More Hit the Marketplace!

Karambit Doppler, Glock Fade & More Hit the Marketplace!

The Unikrn Community has spoken, and you’ve demanded more skins!

For the past couple months we’ve been experimenting with skins (and other in-game items) as rewards on and our Marketplace.

Well, the demand has been proven, and we’re about to turn it up a notch!

Thanks to our friends at, we’ll be bringing you even more of the skins you’ve been competing for, plus a whole new series of super-high value skins, including multiple rare CSGO knives.

Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be giving away a Karambit Doppler, Bayonet Tiger Tooth, Shadow Daggers, and the insanely nice Glock Fade – which nobody will ever spend their own money on, because c’mon… it’s a $300 glock!

And, in case you were wondering, all of them are Factory New.Unikrn Marketplace

Keep your eye on our Marketplace for those items to start appearing.

Once they do, you’ll have one week to stack up as many Unikoins as possible. The more Unikoins you enter into the Raffles, the better your chances at winning.

Earning Unikoins is fun, challenging, and integrated right into your daily video gaming and esports fan routine. All you have to do is simply:

1.     Play your favorite games (LoL, DOTA 2, and CS:GO) using Connekt; and
2.     Predict the outcomes of pro matches on our Esportsbook

Multi-bets are a great way to get a big return on your predictions… if you’re confident enough, that is!

Psst, for those wondering about Auctions, we’re working on something on that front too, stay tuned.

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