The Unikrn Auction is Coming

The Unikrn Auction is Coming

Good people of Unikrn, exciting news permeates the community… The Unikrn Auction is coming.

That’s right, on Tuesday, February 16th at 10pm EST / 7pm PST, Unikrn will be hosting our first ever prize Auction. Have you been hoarding your Unikoins? Now’s the chance to use them to bid on Epic prizes!AK47 Vulcan 2

Want to get in on the Unikrn Auction? Follow these 3 easy steps.

  • Enter auctions by clicking “Bid Now” before the 10 second timer runs out.
  • You must enter at every price to stay in the auction. Missing a bid results in elimination.
  • The last remaining bidder wins the prize, and everyone else gets their Unikoins back.

Need Unikoins? This weekend be sure to do your research, place your bets, and stack the odds in your favor. The more Unikoins you win, the better your odds will be to out bid your competition. Because come Tuesday, the highest bidders will be taking home some awesome prizes.

Logitech G6332

Here are 5 easy ways you can start building your bank of Unikoins:

  1. Go to our latest email newsletter and use the Promo Code to claim 100 Free Unikoins
  2. Log in to your Unikrn account and spin the daily spinner
  3. Answer our latest trivia question at
  4. Study the form on your favorite game and place a bet at
  5. Post a bet to Twitter after placing your bet at

Now go research, bet, and win. We’ll see you all on Tuesday on the Unikrn Auction!

US and Canada only. 

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