The Top 25 eSports Personalities to Follow on Twitter

The Top 25 eSports Personalities to Follow on Twitter

Though forums like Raptr and Twitch seem to reign supreme in the world of eSports, Twitter is also a great places for eSports fans to connect with their favorite players, casters and even industry insiders. While there are (probably too) many relevant accounts to follow, we’ve rounded up our recommendations so you can stay in the know and keep up with the industry as it continues to unfold. We’ve ranked 25 feeds that offer live updates and critical insight into the industry that you won’t find by watching matches alone.

1. Michal Blicharz: @mbCARMAC

Michal Blicharz @mbCARMAC

There are few better eSports personalities to follow than Michal Blicharz. He’s a VP at ESL and one of the primary people behind the Intel Extreme Masters. His Twitter feed is a wealth of knowledge from the organizational side of professional gaming.

2. Christian Lord: @Hellspawnlord

Christian Lord @Hellspawnlord

Christian Lord is one of the primary people behind the Dreamhack tournament series. His Tweets and links cover everything eSports-related and his account provides up-to-the-minute information for all the major tournaments.

3. Stephanie Harvey: @missharvey

Stephanie Harvey @missharvey

On one hand, Stephanie Harvey is a member of Counter Logic Gaming Red’s Counter-Strike team. On the other, she’s a game designer with Ubisoft and a founder of Missclicks, an organization dedicated to giving support and exposure to women in gaming. For information from all sides of the industry, @missharvey is a great account to follow.

4. Erik Lonnquist: @ggDoA

Erik Lonnquist @ggDoA

Erik “DoA” Lonnquist is one of the best casters in the business. He made a name for himself calling StarCraft matches before branching out to League of Legends and, more recently, HearthStone. He has a breadth of knowledge across the eSports world and is fairly prolific on Twitter.

5. Duncan Shields: @Thooorin

Duncan Shields @Thooorin

Duncan “Thorin” Shields holds the title of eSports historian because of his deep knowledge of the industry and where it started. Moreover, he knows pretty much all there is to know about CS:GO. Shields is one of the very best analysts in the industry. His Twitter is full of links to in-depth articles about the current state of the game, how games have changed and where they’re going.

6. Jorien van der Heijden: @Sheevergaming

Jorien van der Heijden @Sheevergaming

Jorien van der Heijden used to be a caster for GosuGamers, but more recently she’s become an independent. In addition to her casting duties, she’s also a passionate gamer that boasts a wealth of knowledge on all things Dota.

7. Sean Plott: @day9tv

 Sean Plott @day9tv

Arguably one of the most loved personalities in StarCraft, Sean Plott is more than a caster. He runs his own website while performing his current duties as director of games at Artillery, an independent game developer. His Twitter is a must-follow for any StarCraft fan.

8. Susie Kim: @lilsusie

Susie Kim @lilsusie

Getting into the South Korean gaming scene can be difficult for someone who doesn’t speak the language. That’s where Susie Kim comes in. As a translator and analyst for StarCraft 2 and LoL events, Kim is the perfect person to introduce you to elite South Korean eSports.

9. Shaun Clark: @apollosc2

Shaun Clark @apollosc2

A former StarCraft player, Shaun Clark is now one of the primary casters for ESL’s World Championship Series. He’s constantly posting live streams, match results and photos from events. Unless you tune into the matches themselves, you’re unlikely to find more up-to-the-minute information.

10. Soe Gschwind-Penski: @Soembie

Soe Gschwind-Penski @Soembie

Soe Gschwind-Penski is pretty multitalented when it comes to providing commentary for eSports. She’s hosted events and conducted interviews and analysis for a wide range of games including Dota, CS:GO, Quake and StarCraft. Follow her for quirky posts and tournament updates.

11. Justin Ignacio: @theGunrun

Justin Ignacio @theGunrun

Without Justin Ignacio there’s a good chance eSports would have a very different feel than it does today. He was one of the first commentators and also produced and ran one of the first websites dedicated to streaming matches. Today, he works as an engineer at Twitch.

12. Rod Breslau: @Slasher

Rod Breslau @Slasher

As eSports become more mainstream, people like Rod Breslau will be key in helping this industry transition from streaming only to being featured on traditional media. A senior writer for ESPN, he focuses on the world of competitive gaming, which his frequently-updated Twitter feed reflects.

13. Søren Bjerg: @Bjergsen

Søren Bjerg @Bjergsen

Since he joined the pro circuit in 2013, Søren Bjerg has participated in every LoL World Championship. He’s a skilled mid-laner who’s very active on social media, posting plenty of training and behind-the-scenes videos.

14. Tyler Erzberger: @fionnonfire

Tyler Erzberger @fionnonfire

Tyler Erzberger is a professional eSports writer with a no-holds-barred attitude. He was a writer for Riot’s own LoL eSports before he was let go over a Twitter argument with Team Dignitas owner Michael O’Dell. The good news? He’s still posting lots of great updates.

15. Ben Wu: @MerliniDota

Ben Wu @MerliniDota

Ben Wu may not tweet a lot but when he does, it’s worth paying attention to. He has a background as a Dota player and shoutcaster and posts plenty of links to overviews of new updates as well as articles on game tactics.

16. Kim Phan: @kimphan

Kim Phan @kimphan

If you’re a fan of Blizzard games then you should probably follow Kim Phan who’s the senior manager of eSports at the company. This means she’s constantly posting informed updates about tournament rules and structure and how these changes affect fans and players alike.

17. Eefje Depoortere: @sjokz

Eefje Depoortere @sjokz

Eefje Depoortere is a favorite on the European leg of the League of Legends circuit. She has a background in freelance journalism with an emphasis on eSports and credits her break into the hosting world to participating in the YouTube series, Whose League is it Anyway.

18. Kat Gunn: @mystikgunn

Kat Gunn @mystikgunn

She may not be a super frequent Tweeter, but Team DignitasKat Gunn posts about everything you want and need as an eSports fan. She shares links to her Twitch streams, photos of her amazing cosplay and plenty of invites for fans to come join her in-game.

19. James Kostesich: @Archon_Firebat

James Kostesich @Archon_Firebat

Hearthstone has been pretty popular on the eSports circuit as of late, so why not get the lowdown from one of the game’s World Championship winners? James Kostesich‘s feed offers plenty of opportunity to get the buzz on upcoming matches or even interact with Kostesich himself.

20. John Bain: @Totalbiscuit

John Bain @Totalbiscuit

Sure, he can be a bit polarizing, but John Bain‘s definitely not afraid to let his opinions be known. As a result his Twitter feed is one of the best to follow for all things gaming. The “Cynical Brit” is also one of the owners of the StarCraft 2 team Axiom and throws the full weight of his YouTube empire behind them.

21. Rahul Sood: @Rahulsood

Rahul Sood @Rahulsood

A bit of a humble brag,

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