Unikrn Acquires Dotaprohub

Unikrn Acquires Dotaprohub

Unikrn is exited to announce our acquisition of Dotaprohub! Dotaprohub is an analysis tool for competitive Dota 2 fans, professional players, and casting studios, through dynamic visualizations. This allows for beautifully surfaced statistics, and easy to understand analysis of all things Dota 2.


The engine combines historical and real-time data from every professional match ever played, to provide an quick and easy to digest pulse of the competitive scene. These statistics go beyond simple performance and metrics, and into meta statistics like winnings and characteristics.


The company was founded by Swaroop Hegde, and Aditya Mukherjee, and is their second venture together.

Swaroop Hegde
Swaroop has been an entrepreneur for over a decade now working mostly from India and out of a suitcase through the US. Dotaprohub is his sixth venture and second with Aditya. He has a passion of building tech products. Keeping his companies alive through chaos & failure is what keeps him ticking.

Aditya Mukherjee
Aditya is a serial entrepreneur, Dotaprohub being his second company. His love for Dota, eSports, and video gaming, along with data analysis and visualization propelled him to build Dotaprohub. He saw a clear need for real data science to enter the quickly growing eSports market. After meeting Rahul, they mutually saw the benefit of bringing the same data science, analysis, and visualization, to more than just video games. Unikrn’s ever growing repertoire of offerings, was the clear progression for Dotaprohub.

About Unikrn

Unikrn is the world's leading betting platform for esports. We heighten the gaming and spectator experience for esports fans by providing unique data, statistics and analysis.