Unikrn Exclusive: Interview with Jacky

Unikrn Exclusive: Interview with Jacky

We caught up with Jack ‘Jacky’ Peters at the Acer Predator Masters Season 2, to talk about how he got into Shout Casting for CS:GO, his thoughts on the current scene, and more.

Starting out as a competitive Counter-Strike Source player. Jacky has been a prominent member of the CS:GO scene in the UK and is currently an up and coming Shout Caster.

In this interview, Jacky discusses:

  • Getting into the CSGO casting scene
  • What types of changes are coming as eSports continues to grow
  • Are small events taking a hit, as large events increase their prize pools?
  • How tier 2 teams can break into tier 1.
  • Where you can see Jacky in 2016


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